Posted by: Judy | August 18, 2020

Post on SM and more…

I’ve spent most of my life learning how to make the best of whatever comes my way, with many failures and some successes. My attempts to be intentional have been met with a few successes and even more failures. I’ve allowed my courage to falter in the face of defeat. Perhaps it’s time to intentionally seek God’s guidance in what He intends me to do. What about you? Have you lived your life floating along or simply treading water? Is it time to swim where God leads? ~ Laurel Hawkes

The day after I wrote this, I faced going grocery shopping. I prayed for God’s protection, guidance, inspiration, to make good choices, to stay within my budget, and to be kind and gracious. I also told Him what I wanted; I was almost out of donuts. 🙂

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