Posted by: Judy | July 15, 2020

Reading List 81-85

81. Operation Back-to-School (Operation Romance! series book 4) by Elizabeth Maddrey contemporary Christian romance. The bickering children was so true to life and delightful. I love how real her people are, imperfect, flawed, but trying their best. I had several laugh out loud moments. Great ending to the series.

82. A Dangerous Nativity (The Dangerous series opening novella) by Caroline Warfield Regency romance. Humorous but also deals with abuse. I enjoyed the read and have added the next book to my Wish List.

83. A Match to Call Ours (Front Porch Promises series book 1) by Merrill Whren contemporary Inspirational romance.

84. Hitching the Pitcher (Belltown Six Pack series book 1) by Rebecca Connolly contemporary romance. Great characters and page-turning story. I’d like to read more stories by Rebecca C.

85. Love and Roses (The Abundance series book 3) by Sally Bayless contemporary Christian romance. This had two romances in it, the stories intertwined. A fun bonus. I’m looking forward to reading the only book in the series I haven’t read yet.

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