Posted by: Judy | June 22, 2020

SM post from the end of May

Today was a good day. Do you remember whose you are? I frequently forget. I become lost in everyday living or maybe bogged down is a better term. Maybe not. I struggle, slogging through mud, and then someone reminds me, usually through a blog or podcast. I’ve always liked the image of “straighten your crown.” You are the child of a King, the Most High God. You mess up. He knows that, anticipated it, and provided for it. The price was paid 2000 years ago. You can’t take it back. You can’t make it easier. You can’t spare Him anything. He holds out His scarred hand to accept everything you give Him, and He wants it all. Give it to Him, all of it, all of yourself, and see what He will do. ~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. How beautiful that is! We might forget whose we are but God never forgets! AND no one can snatch us out of His Almighty hands!

    • Blessedly. ❤

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