Posted by: Judy | June 15, 2020

SM post…

What has whispered in your heart that you could do? Do you believe it isn’t good enough? It’s silly. Wanting to give isn’t a flaw. Granted, learning wisdom isn’t easy or comfortable. Checking in with God isn’t easy, but He is ready and willing to guide you. It’s difficult when you see what others do, and you think to yourself that you can’t do that. You don’t need to do what someone else does. God has given you special talents and gifts, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Ask Him and be open to His answers. I had to stop living up to the imaginary woman created for me by others and by unrealistic expectations. I’m searching for the woman who was lost in the rubble of lifelong abuse. God is leading me, and I’m finding her, little by little. ~ Laurel Hawkes

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