Posted by: Judy | May 26, 2020

Reflecting on SM

I’ve come to realize that for all the time I spend wanting to seek God’s guidance in my life, I have a tendency to keep it brief. It was driven home, this evening. I’ve a bit of a dilemma. A small opportunity has been given to me. I immediately made plans. As an afterthought, I told the Lord what I’d do. It dawned on me that I do this a lot. I make plans, show them to God, and proceed. Showing them to God is more of a pass them under His nose…for fear He’ll tell me I’m wrong and I need to change them. How often have I done that? All my life. Tonight, it changes. I’ve asked God for wisdom. It’s a little embarrassing to realize my head is absolutely empty of any answers. I’ll sleep on it. What other choice do I have? My impatient, get-the-job-done-so-it-isn’t-hanging-over-your-head side wants an answer now. Interesting to realize that so many decisions are made because I don’t like dawdling, though what I really don’t like is the feeling of you-need-to-finish, why-aren’t-you-done, what’s-taking-so-long… and there’s the voice from the past that used rushing to keep me focused on everything wrong with me. Breathe. God’s timing is perfect. Trust God. Hold to hope.

~ Laurel Hawkes

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