Posted by: Judy | May 25, 2020

Memorial Day

I have often written about Memorial Day and it’s solemn impact on those who serve. This is the day we honor and set aside thoughts and remembrances of those whogave their lives in the line of duty. Those that returned home to Dover, in a box draped with our powerful American Flag. While I often write about my thoughts today, my Dad recently sent me an article I can make no improvements to and add little value in explanation. The article is written by a service member who was humbled and honored to serve in one of the truly great and longest standing military units in this nations fine military history. He writes of how we honor those who serve and fall in battle. It is timely to share these words today. It is well worth the read.

Ever Onward. ~ Rorke Denver

Link to article:

This picture was posted, years ago, on numerous sites with no credit given.

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