Posted by: Judy | May 19, 2020

Post on SM

I’ve been reading Christian romance books by Elizabeth Maddrey, one of my favorite authors, only recently discovered. Part of her characters’ journey is finding what God has called them to do. My nonfiction reading and the movie “Free Burma Rangers” also addressed this question: “What has God called me to do in this life?” Bad things are obvious distractions, but it’s also easy to fall into the gospel of busyness. I fell into the subtle trap of the gospel of being enough. If I do enough, pray enough, give enough, serve enough, love enough, God will say I’m enough. I will never be enough. The adversary is clever, but sooner or later, the truth wins. Abusers play on their victims sense of not being enough. An abuser ensures you are never pretty enough, smart enough, good enough. In an effort to escape that lie, I fell into the lie of trying to reassure myself I was enough. The truth: I will never be enough, alone. God wants me to reach for Him because I’m not enough: Jesus completes me and makes me enough. Jesus does what I cannot do for myself; He is the enough I need. Everything else is a distraction. Choosing Him, I choose to follow Him to learn to be like Him, and He will make me enough. ~ Laurel Hawkes

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