Posted by: Judy | May 18, 2020

SM post…

I’ve made a lot of plans in my life, most of which have fallen to pieces. I pick up what’s salvageable and recreate my plans. I endeavor to include God in the process, but I have the impression He’s happy to let me have free rein. I “think” I want structure and close guidance. Apparently, God doesn’t agree with me. Gradually, I think I’m beginning to see from His perspective: He wants to see what I will do with what He’s given to me. He’s quick to offer little directions; funny, I saw them as quick answers to prayers, but now I think it was His way of letting me know He’s paying attention and not missing a thing. He is listening. He has never abandoned me. He’s encouraging me to grow, waiting to prune when it’s necessary… all those plans that fell to pieces. God watching out for me, even when it was painful to watch my dreams shatter. Brief losses in favor of eternal blessings.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Your flowers are sooo pretty!

    • God’s art; I only took a fuzzy picture. 🙂

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