Posted by: Judy | May 12, 2020

Emergency Preparedness

Taste of Home shared on long-term food storage:

Wow… that’s a long link, but it has good information.

However, here are some adaptations, from my own experience:

Some dried fruits keep longer in sealed containers.

I have pasta from seven years ago that I use without a noticeable difference.

Oil goes rancid pretty quickly, especially in warmer temperatures. Where I live, you can’t keep oil as long as someplace further north and cooler.

I’ve used jam that was five years old with no noticeable difference. Jam is more sugar than fruit, and sugar is a good preservative.

Powdered milk with any fat in it goes rancid, pretty quickly, which is why most people don’t like it. Powdered milk without fat is basically skim milk, mixing it with a little whole milk improves the taste.

Eggs can be frozen for up to three months. They can’t be used as fried eggs but work for pretty much anything else. Add a little salt or a little sugar, depending on how you plan to use them.

Cheese freezes but thaws a bit crumbly. Shredded cheese shows little difference. Cream cheese thaws grainy but still works great for cooking.

Butter freezes nicely.

Yeast freezes for a long time. The yeasty beasties just need to be warmed up. I think of it as utilizing cryogenics.

Put your pasta, flour, and sugar in the freezer for a while, I usually do about a week, to kill any bugs that hitched a ride. I’ve also used flour, in freezer bags, to take up space in the freezer.

Lactose free milk does not freeze well. When it thaws, it doesn’t reblend like regular milk does.

Water must be rotated because it eats through everything, including glass.

Soda pop does not keep long. It will eat through the can. Yes, I’ve had it happen. I was saving unopened cans with LOTR characters on them. It was gross cleaning up.

Mac and cheese in the box, the cheese mix gets funky after a while.

Freeze bread, donuts, cake, cookies, and it’s like fresh when it thaws. I use a piece of wax paper to separate sliced bread so I can take out a single serving.

Chocolate freezes.

Every ingredient below can be frozen.


  1. Great list, Judy. Thanks!

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. I was so relieved that chocolate freezes hahaha 🙂 🙂 Thanks Judy for taking the time to compile this for us.

    • Glad to help. I used to buy Twix by the box at Sam’s Club and freeze it. I’d pack one in my lunch, and it was perfectly thawed when it was time to eat. I’ve also frozen cocoa, for baking.

      • Cocoa can be put in every thing 🙂 I’d love to know how, please 🙂 I use a ton of oats too. Old fashioned, not the quick oats. Any suggestions? I was going to google it but since I got you on the line 🙂

        • I was able to buy cocoa powder in 5-lb bags and simply put it in the freezer. Kept for years. My dad freezes oats to get rid of any bugs that come in it. Freezer bag full and in it goes.

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