Posted by: Judy | April 30, 2020

SM post

Hope for the Broken Hearted shared one of my posts on social media. I’m deeply touched and honored by her introduction:

My friend Laurel Hawkes is an abuse survivor. She has dealt with and continues to deal with issues that many of you can relate to, such as anxiety, PTSD, worry, and fear. I am so proud of her and honored to call her my friend. She is a writer, and she is transparent and honest as she shares her heart to offer hope and encouragement with others. Here’s some sage wisdom she wrote about fear and anxiety…

I have chosen Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer, and He has claimed me as His daughter. Why should I fear? What have I learned of late? Anxiety is a waste of time and energy. I want to believe anxiety will never appear in my life again. I’m also realistic, and old habits are difficult to break. However, going forward, I’m calling out anxiety for what it is: A lie. Now, an abuse survivor usually doesn’t worry about imagined torments or things that never happen. Survivors know horrific things happen; they remember and worry they’ll happen again. The fear doesn’t keep them from facing each new day and all that comes with it. Each whisper of anxiety will give me an opportunity to turn to the One who said, “Fear not” and meant it. Hold to hope. ~ Laurel Hawkes

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