Posted by: Judy | April 28, 2020

SM Insights

I share a post, every evening, on my author page, on social media. I endeavor to share something that will uplift and encourage others. I’m often surprised by what I learn about myself.

I’m reading a book by one of my favorite authors. Her hero struggles with the same thing I have. He doesn’t really know what his calling in life is. He’s simply followed the path of least resistance. I did that. In some ways, I feel like I’m still doing that. The first time I asked God what I should do with my life, I received the ambiguous answer: Love God. I was 15 years old. What was I supposed to do with that? I narrowed my questions to specifics. More often than not, I simply took advantage of the opportunities that came my way. From time to time, I’ll tentatively asked God what my calling is, and the first thing to pop into my head is still Love God. I’m well over fifty and still haven’t figure out what that means to me. Sometimes, I feel like maybe I’m not trying hard enough, not sincere enough, not listening well enough. I don’t know. Every day, I wake up and endeavor to walk through the day to the best of my ability. Mostly, I feel like I’m simply taking the next step. All my life, people have asked, “What do you want to be doing in ten years? Five years? Two years? Next year? The same thought still blares loud and clear: I want to make it through today. ~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Such a pretty flower! Did you see it on one of your walks?

    • That’s actually one of the roses in my yard. 🙂

      • Nice! Would you consider yourself a green thumb?

        • Not at all. Definitely all God. 🙂

          • What a blessing! 🙂

            • True!

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