Posted by: Judy | April 13, 2020


Posted on my author social media: I’ve dealt with job loss, being out of work for a few years, depression, chronic fatigue, a herniated disc, layoffs. Things that helped me through: Wake up about the same time, every day. Dress for the day. Maintain regular meal times. Go to bed about the same time, every day. Give yourself some leeway. Create daily routines that help you stay on track. Typical day for me: Awake early, listen to an inspiring talk while doing physical therapy, walk and pray and work through problems, breakfast, social media, cleanup for the rest of the day. I let go of the ratty clothes and wear something nice. I trade off my editing with other tasks throughout the day. I need time to mull the changes. Tuesday is shopping day. Wednesday is laundry day. The Sabbath is my day of rest, and I rest from my workouts, go to church (even if it’s only online), focus my study on my faith. Beating yourself up isn’t helpful, not to you or anyone else. Adapt, adjust, review, revise, repeat. It’s more important than ever to eat healthy, rest properly, and exercise. It’s also invaluable to laugh and serve others. You have unique opportunities before you. Some will slide away, but others will appear. You’re up to the challenge. You have within you the same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Ask God to help you recognize and embrace the path He places before you. May you be blessed.


  1. For most people, maintaining a routine is critical to accomplishing tasks and feeling satisfaction in doing so. Thanks for the advice!

    • 🙂

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