Posted by: Judy | April 5, 2020


Take a moment to breathe… just breathe… You are a miracle, one of God’s treasured creations, even when you don’t feel like one. The babe in a manger came for you, almost 2,000 years before you were born. Jesus knows you; He knows your struggles, your pain, your flaws. He loves you, no matter what. He decided you were worth dying for, because He knew death wasn’t the end. He also knew what mistakes you’d make, what would be done to you, and what He would suffer for you and still decided to go through with the plan for His life. From babe to resurrected Savior, He chose His path and asks you to follow Him, knowing what He is asking and promising more than we are capable of imagining.

~ Laurel Hawkes


  1. Wonderful inspiration for each week.

    • 🙂

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