Posted by: Judy | March 30, 2020

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You aren’t lost. God knows exactly where you are. Will you follow the light He offers? I spent far too much time stumbling about in the dark ignoring the sparks of light. In part, I didn’t believe I was worthy of guidance, inspiration, miracles. Oddly enough, I knew God loved me. God is love. God doesn’t change. It took far too long for me to realize I was judging myself unworthy, a responsibility that wasn’t mine. Interestingly enough, once I stopped accepting responsibility for everything (like I’d been trained to do by my abusers), I recognized my mistake. However, giving over the judgment to God was also frightening. My abusers assured me I deserved whatever happened to me. I had to learn they were liars. God speaks the truth. Abusers will take God’s truths and twist them to fit whatever they need to control their victims. And we’re back to me learning how to trust God. I am learning.


  1. With God’s truth leading us, our faith grows to fuel our hope in what life can really be.

    • Amen.

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