Posted by: Judy | March 5, 2020

This Week in Beauty…

Ginger Garrett tackles the cosmetic  industry. Not a pretty sight. She lists some of the ingredients to look for. One of those ingredients in my shampoo is known for causing skin problems, like the rash around my ears. I gave away the shampoo and ordered a new one to try from Amazon.

I tossed a bunch of my cosmetics, not all but most. Baby steps. I was pleased to see that my Burt’s Bees products are pretty good, not perfect but pretty good. They use soybean oil, but it’s usually pretty far down on the list.

I discovered the wonder of liquid Vitamin E by accident. I bought it for making my own products, a few years ago. I confess that making your own is not easy, at least not for me. I decided to use it rather than throw it away. I could always throw it away. It has been a wonder on my skin. My hands are almost completely healed. It’s helped a little bit with the scaling behind my ears. Worth keeping for my hands.

Petroleum products are going to be a keep but use sparingly. It’s great at locking moisture in and wicking moisture away. I discovered petroleum is in my Neosporin but not in my Kroger’s triple antibiotic.

I’m looking for my natural products books. Found both of them! Adding them to my reading list. I’ve skipped through them on numerous occasions, though it’s been a long time. Starting over.

This really isn’t an odd concept for me. I’ve been working to cut the food that isn’t good for me from my eating habits. Now, I’m working to cut the external products that have ingredients that aren’t good for me.

This has been a great project for me, study and lab. I’m learning.


  1. Vitamin E oil is amazing. My dad taught me that after I had sliced my hand as a child needing stitches. As soon as the stitches came out he put the oil on the scab, it healed in a matter of days. Been using it ever since. Back then he just bought the tabs that had the oil in them, and poked a hole in it with a needle and squeezed out the oil. I did that for years, and then finally found the oil in a bottle 🙂

    • I used those little tablets, too, but the frustration of trying to poke a hole and get the oil out discouraged me. Good to know others have had success with it, too. 🙂

  2. May I ask what’s wrong with your hands?

    • I had an itchy rash on the back of my hands, since last July.

      • Oh, that’s too bad. 😦
        I was wondering if you have eczema like I do. Basically it means that my hands get really dry really easily. It’s annoying, but there are worse problems out there. 🙂

        • I don’t think it’s eczema, but I’ve never seen a doctor about it so I don’t know.

          • Well, since you know how to cure it, that’s all that matters. 🙂

            • For me. I wish I could find help for others, too. 🙂

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