Posted by: Judy | February 25, 2020

Out of curiosity

Answering comments, I noticed the WordPress recommendations: “If you like this, you might like this.” I chose one of the three posts offered, from June 2014. I have no idea why WP thought to the two posts were related. It doesn’t matter. It was good for me to look back.

A lot has happened in six years. Anger isn’t even a part of my everyday life anymore. The rage is mostly memory, with only an occasional flare. I’m usually able to move beyond the secondary emotion of anger to the source emotion, hurt, fear, or frustration.

Interestingly enough is discovering that it’s much quicker to tackle the primary emotion right away. Evenings/night, of course, are still the most difficult to navigate. I don’t go to bed angry, but I do go to bed afraid and hurt. Sleep usually improves things. I don’t wake up cheerful and singing, but I do wake willing to tackle another day.

I’m grateful for the changes and will continue to work to become healthier.

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