Posted by: Judy | January 30, 2020

This week in Beauty

Punishment and discipline are not interchangeable. Punishment is what happens when discipline is ignored. Self-discipline isn’t about deprivation; it’s about empowerment.

We’re much more than pretty, we are wonderfully made. We’re much more than likeable, we are deeply loved. We’re much more than okay, we are daughters of the King.

I love how God keeps sending messages.

In the month of January, I tried to reduce my meat intake, from every day to 4-5x a week. I cut my beef intake in half, replacing it with chicken. How’d it go? I was hungry a lot more, snacking more, eating more things with soy.

At the beginning of this week, I went back to eating meat every day, trading back and forth between chicken and beef. I already feel better, am having less trouble with snacking, and cut most of the soy from my diet. I’m thinking clearer, and I’m not hungry all the time. My healthy self-discipline has increased noticeably. My weight is dropping after going up. Live and learn.


  1. I was a raw vegan for 6 months and it was not good for my health. Adding animal protein back into my life made things so much better ❤ Some of us just need meat.

    • It isn’t easy to listen to your body when “they” keep telling you that you’re wrong. Here’s to continuing the battle to fight for healthy. 🙂

      • Right?! “They” tell us a lot of things that seem to profit themselves in some way.
        I’m with ya, cheers to us and our battle.

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