Posted by: Judy | January 8, 2020

Blog Interview

Today, Laurel Hawkes’ written interview is over at Hallee Bridgeman’s blog. What a delight and an honor to be her guest.

Anyone who has followed me for a while knows that Hallee is one of my favorite authors. She writes Christian romance. I buy all her books and many in paperback, if I’m able. I was privileged to meet her, and her husband, at a Readers Conference. They’re delightful, and their love story is amazing.


  1. A lovely and inspiring interview!

    • Thanks. 🙂

  2. Enjoyed the interview!

    • Thanks, Gail. 🙂

  3. I never knew you owned rabbits! How many did you have? What were their names? I must know more about these adorable creatures!

    • I don’t remember the first one very well. It was white and brown and didn’t have it long as the hutch was torn open. I hope the rabbit escaped. I also had a black rabbit. In all my originality, I called him Blackie. LOL! The owner said he was too old and unfriendly, but he was the only black rabbit they had. He lived in a hutch outside. He wasn’t a cuddler, so I basically took care of a wild rabbit for several years. I still have fond memories of him.

      • Pets are never forgotten. 🙂

        • The impression left on the heart is more like a brand.

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