Posted by: Judy | December 9, 2019


Even as I’ve struggled with my own sense of value and depression, God has reminded me of how truly blessed I am.

Some of the posts I’ve seen on blogs and social media (paraphrased), during the week of Thanksgiving:

Earthquake in Albania, killing at least 18

I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer and start five months of chemo, next week.

I had to put my dog down.

Pray for my cousin. He’s disable, and people think he should die.

I found a lump.

I’ve lost my job, my home, and I’m fighting cancer.

I’ve been diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live.

Dear God, please forgive me when I whine. I have a house with A/C and heating to live in, a room all my own and space in other rooms, food I enjoy to eat, clean water, hot and cold water, nice clothes to wear, a collection of favorite books, CDs, and DVDs, and the means to add to it from time to time, a car to drive when I need to, a church I love, people who check on me to make sure I’m all right, the opportunity to help others, and so much more.

This is one of the quotes Beholding Him Ministries posted on their Wisdom Wednesday:

“You say, ‘If I had a little bit more, I should be very satisfied.’

You make a mistake.

If you are not content with what you have,

you would not be satisfied if it were doubled.”

~ Charles Spurgeon

Debbie Kay of Hope for the Brokenhearted posted this on her Notes to Self:

And then Julie Arduini, over at Christians Read, shared a post on being thankful for adversity:

God excels at sending me messages, if I’m willing to listen.

And then Debbie Kay posted on her Prayer blog:

I’ve been chastised by God’s gentle hand. My life is good. Weird but good.


  1. Great reminders about being blessed and sending blessings:)

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