Posted by: Judy | December 4, 2019

Christmas Preparations

This year, I want to do the things I’ve always wanted to do but have always put off.

I want my tree in the living room, my dad’s tree in the dining room, and my tree in a pot in the kitchen. Use my decorations. Buy some pine boughs. Do some baking.

Reality kicks in. I put up my dad’s tree in the living room.

My olive wood nativity sits prettily on my desk. I love it.

I helped my dad put up the outside Christmas lights.

I’m watching Christmas movies on the weekends and reading Christmas novellas, old favorites and new.

I’ve done a little baking.

I’m reading a chapter of Luke a day. With 24 chapters, I’ll finish Christmas Eve. I invited others to join in on my author page on social media.

Instead of trying to do big things, I’m doing little things.

Remembered my Rustic Pine scent. Lovely.

Help me remember:

Have fun!


  1. You’re being so festive, I love it! Like you, I’m also re-reading the story of Christ’s birth. I set up a tiny Christmas village, and drove around to see all the Christmas lights. No tree yet, but I’ll get there. Christmas is my favorite holiday! πŸ™‚

    • Best story ever. ❀ I love Christmas villages! πŸ˜€ Fun! Little bit by little bit the holiday blooms. It's my favorite, too, with Easter a close second. πŸ™‚

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