Posted by: Judy | November 12, 2019

Funny Adventure

Yesterday, I went for my usual morning walk, bright and early. A half mile from home, I saw a lock knife lying on the sidewalk. The handle was about 6″ and the blade about 4″. I moved it out of the way and kept walking. Of course, my brain nattered at me: What if a child finds it?

I promised God I’d pick it up and take it to the police if it was still there on my way back. I wasn’t worried about a child finding it at 7 AM. It was there.

I used a tissue to pick it up and carried it home, holding it by the end of the handle and about a foot from my side. I thought about driving down to the police station and decided to call first.

Calling the non-emergency number I told the woman I thought about bringing it in but then decided I wasn’t sure how well it would go over having a woman walk into the police station with a knife in her hand. She told me she’d send an officer and asked if I’d be home all morning. Yes.

About an hour later, a very tall officer rang the doorbell. I invited him into the kitchen where I’d laid the blade on a paper towel. I told him where I’d found it. I commented: I find it a little disturbing that I walked a half mile carrying a knife and not a single person called the police about a woman walking with a knife. He laughed.

He put on his latex gloves, folded the knife closed, and headed out.

I thanked him for coming and for all he did. Funnily enough, a good start to the day. Unexpected.

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