Posted by: Judy | October 24, 2019

HeartStyle Blog Challenge

Okay, it was more like an invitation to list the things you love.

I thought it a good follow up to this week’s posts. At first, I thought, I already do that with my “Good News Friday.” Then I realized it’s a bit different.

Things I love:

God, Jesus Christ, Holy spirit, scripture, inspiring speakers

Music, classical, Christian, carols, easy listening, mainstream

Books, romance, inspirational, military, science-fiction/fantasy

Animals, horses, dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs

Food, cooking, baking, shopping (yes, I really do enjoy grocery shopping.)

Belmont Beach, in Los Angeles, California, walking on the shore, with the ocean washing over my feet, the beach near El Cajon, California, Jekyll Island, George, soft sand that when wet makes great dribble castles

Water falls and creeks

Rocky Mountains, Smoky Mountains

Forests, pine and deciduous

Flowers, roses, daffodils, tulips, jasmine, jacaranda, sunflowers, lavender, snapdragons, pansies, hibiscus, lilac, lilies

The newness of spring, the light of summer, the explosion of autumn’s colors, the coolness of winter

Eating out, someone else doing the prep and clean up 😀

Italian food, English, French, American

Travel, driving and flying, America, Europe, (Australia and New Zealand are on my wish list.)

Cake and cookies and donuts and chocolate… yes, sweet tooth. 😀

Log cabins, castles, country, Victorian

Pizza, bread, hamburgers, grilled cheese and tomato soup

Black, purple, red, green, blue, yellow, orange… color


That’s a start. And this is why I stumble and stutter when someone asks me “What’s your favorite…?”


  1. Good list!

    • 🙂

  2. Thank you SO much for playing along! I loved your list.

    I’m a fan of grocery shopping too! People think I’m weird but whatevs! It please me ❤

    There is a lot in this world to love, isn't there?

    • Thanks for the invite. 🙂 The list is endless. 😉

      • I find that too! Lucky us ❤

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