Posted by: Judy | October 20, 2019


How often do you beat yourself up for something small, insignificant, trivial? I couldn’t remember a password. I thought I’d written it down, somewhere. I couldn’t find it. What I said to myself I would never say to another living soul, ever. Did it help? No. Did it change the situation? No. Did it improve things? Absolutely not. I let the adversary in; I allowed his lies to take up rent-free space in my head. The good news: I turned to my morning devotional, “The Battle Plan for Prayer” and Luke. I kicked the adversary out, not by a pep talk or talking to myself but by simply allowing God’s Words to fill me. In truth, God kicked the adversary to the curb because God doesn’t share His space with darkness.

~ Laurel Hawkes

posted on social media about three weeks ago


  1. I hate loosing a password or entering it and having it refused even when I know it is the right one.

    • Stupid computers. šŸ™‚

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