Posted by: Judy | October 15, 2019

Taking care of myself…

Unexpected dilemma. I read the Kindness blog’s post on Self-Compassion:

I read “How would you comfort a friend whose parent just died?” I was stumped. Brick wall. Full stop. Couldn’t read further because I realized I didn’t know. I’m aware that my perspective is different. One of my friends was extremely close to her parents. She marks the anniversary of their deaths and mourns on mother’s day and father’s day. I express sympathy but not much else.

How do I treat a friend who’s in need of comfort? I’m good at offering prayer and words of encouragement. If they don’t want either of those, I’m at a loss. I don’t have much else to give.

The next blog I read was Margaret’s:

Margaret’s trust and faith in God inspires me, including her struggle to do so and her willingness to admit her struggle. God gave me a chance to try to comfort someone else.

I learned something regarding forgiving someone, particularly someone who has refused to accept responsibility for the wrong they’ve done:

The most terrifying thing you can say is, “I’ve given you to God.” (It’s also the most comforting, but only if they’re right with God.)

Rain, a while ago. I love the reflection of the sky above, the tree to the right, and the eave of the house across the bottom. It’s the only time cement is able to act as a mirror, however blurry.


  1. 🙂 You are a blessing Judy 🙂

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