Posted by: Judy | September 24, 2019

Do you like yourself?

I love when God pulls inspiration from several quarters, to watch people, unrelated to each other, all focus on the same thing at the same time. God has a message, and He delivers through several messengers.

Over at Bridget A. Thomas’ Redeemed Challenge, Day 22 reminds us that we are made in God’s image. Do we appreciate how amazing that is?

I was late reading Grace for My Heart, with Pastor Dave, but the timing was perfect. He shared the importance of valuing ourselves. We are lovable.

Memes and short posts on social media all pointed to the same message.

I don’t know about anyone else, but clearly God wants to make sure I heard what He’s been trying to tell me all my life. It’s time I listened.


  1. God is so good! I love when He sends us little nudges like this! 💜

    • He is, all the time. Amen. ❤

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