Posted by: Judy | September 17, 2019

Texas Roadhouse Rolls and Honey Butter Recipe

The link was posted on FB:

I shared with a friend and froze the rest. They freeze nicely. I’m calling it healthy because it’s made from scratch. 🙂

The rolls I made looked more like wheat bread because the clover honey I used was old and therefore darker. It’s still perfectly yummy; it just looks a little different.

Baking brings me such a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. I can’t explain it. I wanted to go to cooking school, but my parents told me that women can’t make money as chefs. Julia Child was an anomaly. I loved watching her shows. A few years ago, I finally spent the money to buy one of her books, “Baking with Julia.” I’d been watching the series and was tickled to see one of the guest bakers make ‘cowboy coffee cake.’ She made it the exact same way I do.

Cooking brings me joy. However, looking back, I don’t think I would have made it as a chef. I do not enjoy long, complicated recipes. Thinking about that, it’s possible the reason I don’t like them is because it’s so easy for me to become lost when I’m looking at a recipe. Between dyslexia and “spacing out,” long, complicated recipes are frustrating. With shorter, simpler recipes, it’s easier to line up the ingredients and put them away as I use them. If I “blank,” all I have to do is look at what’s next to know where I am.

I confess I also like to use box mixes, probably because of the reason above: I’m less likely to become lost somewhere in the process. I also don’t believe in duplicating work. If someone else is willing to do part of the work, I’m grateful to them for their effort. I’ve not only compared recipes from scratch, but I’ve also compared mixes.

That being said, I don’t think I’ll try any other Texas Roadhouse roll recipes. This one is a winner.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I especially like that you said they freeze well!!

    • They aren’t quite the same as fresh out of the oven but still yummy. 🙂

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