Posted by: Judy | September 16, 2019

Team Never Quit and Joe Torrillo

Joe Torrillo survived 9-11. I’ve been reading stories of other survivors all week. I’ve also read stories about those who didn’t survive. One of my friends knew 5 people, and she shared their obituaries.

I want to listen again.

I learned the stories of Sujo John and Samantha Horowitz.

Todd Beamer’s son is playing college football. Todd was the last voice heard, “Let’s roll,” on Flight 93, before the passengers took back the plane and flew it into the ground rather than allow the terrorists to fly into the Capitol building.

The children of firefighters and police officers who died that day are now becoming firefighters and police officers.

I listened to 86-year-old retired FDNY firefighter Joe Beckwith talk about going to Ground Zero and helping, for days, and standing on the firetruck with President Bush.

Story after story told of people who survived because their routine was interrupted by something small, like spilled coffee, a child’s first day of school, a minor accident.

Eighteen years ago, I had no one with whom I could share my tears and my fears. My parents turned off the television. They didn’t want to discuss it. They pretended like nothing happened.

Now, I have a wide circle of friends, some of whom I’ve never met in person, but many I have. I’ve made the effort, taking opportunities as they’ve arisen. Eighteen years ago, I felt so alone. Not so now. I’m grateful to be so blessed.

The local 9-11 Memorial:


  1. Although life must go on, it’s good to remember. Remember the heroes. Remember the lost. Remember their children. Coming together in times of tragedy shows the world still has heart. When we turn on the news now, we see so much violence. But when we remember times like this, it brings us together, and shows that there are still caring people out there.

    • A handful of terrorists chose evil, while hundreds of thousands of people chose good. I remember Fred Rogers talking about his mother’s advice to “look for the helpers.”

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