Posted by: Judy | July 23, 2019

Little changes and things to learn

Sometimes, routines need to change. For someone who depends on routines to help me stay grounded, changing a routine can be traumatic. I fight it, not because it’s a bad idea but because I’ve allowed some routines to become so automatic.

I’m able to hear out of both ears again. Thanks God! And thanks Debbie, over at Hope for the Broken Hearted, for suggesting garlic. She told me she uses it for ear infections and then pinned a natural remedy chart on Pinterest. I didn’t have any garlic oil so put of trying it. I finally simply added a bit of garlic powder to my olive oil and oregano oil mixture. Used it Thursday and Friday. Saturday, I washed my ear out, and I was able to hear more often than not. I still have daily stuffing up, but I’m on the mend. I’m relieved I didn’t do permanent damage. Grateful! ❤

Another change, I stopped using cream rinse in my hair. I did it out of curiosity and was surprised by the results. My hair seems to be healthier without the manufactured rinse. I use a little shampoo and then rinse with my honey and baking soda mixture that I use as soap. I also use coconut oil in my hair once in a while. An occasional rinse of water diluted apple cider vinegar also helps. I haven’t worked up the courage to stop using shampoo altogether, yet.  Give me time. 🙂

In the hope of improving my eating, I tried to move my main meal to the evening. I like it when I’m traveling. After a few months of this experiment, it simply doesn’t work the same. On Saturday, I went back to my main meal in the middle of the day. It works better for my regular schedule. Perhaps this isn’t a bad thing. I’ll keep vacation schedules special.


  1. I am the same in that I need routines and it is difficult to change. Congrats on being able to hear! I will try to remember the garlic tip for future reference.

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