Posted by: Judy | July 22, 2019

I remember the moon landing.

One doesn’t often have the opportunity to remember what happened with actual documentation. Our family watched Apollo 11 on our black and white television. I was a child when Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon surface. “One step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Mind boggling.

This post is serving one purpose: An online friend shared this link:

It has the whole event using only original material. I don’t know how long they’ll leave it up. I’m sorry I’m late with it, as one of the features was Real Time, 50 years later. However, the first option is to listen from the beginning. Amazing.


  1. I also remember it. I was at university out west in BC. It was a sunny afternoon and i had to pull down the blinds in the apartment to be able to see the tv well. I thought it was thrilling!

    • Cool.

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