Posted by: Judy | July 1, 2019

Gifts July 2019

Reminder: Word of the year is Courage

I want to be better. If you don’t know what it means to be better how will you know when you’ve become it? If I don’t define it for myself, the world will define it for me. Guarantee: The world will get it wrong.

25 5 minutes of positive self talk every time the negative tape turns on

24 Format page numbers on “A Promise of Possibilities”

23 Send “A Promise of Possibilities” to Beta Readers

22 1st Edit “A Promise of Possibilities”

Previous Gifts:

21 At least once a week do girlie-girl, i.e., wear makeup and jewelry. Doing

20 Get my life back under control. It’s about self-discipline. Yes and No… Better

19 Add Stretching into my routine, take it slow and easy. Had to cut back but doing more than I did.

18 Finish “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins ~ Reading and Challenges Done

17 In bed before 10PM, every night. 4-5 nights a week.

16 Give away one item every day, for Lent Done

15 Lent Devotionals ~ A book and DaySpring. I’m not Catholic but I like the 40-day practice of preparing for Easter Done

14 Attend ALEP Done

13 Updating my water drinking habit: 8-10 cups a day (1 cup/8 oz) Doing

12 Play piano 2-3x a week, reviving an ancient habit. Yes and No

11 Add an open cup of water to my room to see if that helps with dryness. I don’t know if it helps, but it’s Done

10 A cup of water every waking hour to help me stay hydrated. Done

9 Write faster. It will take years to re-publish my books at my current rate. At present, I have no idea how I’m going to accomplish this, so maybe this month is Formulate a Plan, even if it doesn’t work. Every time I sit at the computer, I have to work on the story first. Doing

8 Begin the day with thanking God. Some days are better than others, and the days I remember are better.

7 Listen and obey when I feel those little nudges, like send her a gift card, help him, call them, take this there. I do well sometimes, but it’s one of those things that requires mindfulness. Doing

6 Become a Slave Stealer/Abolitionist, join O.U.R. Operation Underground Railroad. Start low and every year increase the amount. What they accomplished in 2018:

Done. 1 January

5 Add to my savings, even if it’s only a few dollars a month. So far so good.

4 Collect my own Christmas movies a) buy a movie a month b) keep them in their own box to be brought out in December. This falls under the category of Fun. Started with The Polar Express. End of Dec, added: The Man Who Invented Christmas and It’s  Wonderful Life. Jan: Silver Bells Feb: Finding Father Christmas Mar: Engaging Father Christmas Apr: Saving Christmas May: White Christmas Jun: Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade Jul: Operation Christmas Aug: Christmas Tail Aug: Christmas Lodge Sep: Meet Me in St. Louis Oct: ??? Yes, I’m ahead, but I don’t want movies delivered during the summer months when the heat would damage the disks.

3 Start a Christmas fund a) put a little money aside every month b) keep my eyes open for gifts So far so good.

2 Publish A Promise of Possibilities As of 30 Dec, I’m on chapter 22. As of 1 Feb, I’m on chapter 28 of 37. As of 3 Mar, I’m on chapter 29. As of 30 Jun, I’m on chapter 36

1 Lose weight a) 1 lb at a time b) 1% of my body weight c) 60 lb. Numbers I need to track, once a month: 30 June 260.8 / 31 May 261 / 30 Apr 257 / giving myself a break since I’ve been sick most of the past month  2 Mar 257 46 42 54 / 3 Feb 258 46 42 55 / 30 Dec 256.6 46 41 54

Writing ~ Novellas and novels ~ Schedule deadlines and follow through ~ I want to finish Christmas Lost and the Anthology, write four novellas for another anthology, and outline a four-book Regency series with the first book written.

Creating a home ~ Clean and clutter ~ Vacuum, bath, sweep, dust, throwaway or giveaway to bless someone else. I want a routine I can regularly accomplish. The house is not mine, but I do live here. Nothing can stop me from making things nicer.

Reading ~ Fiction and non-fiction ~ Balance and reduce my TBR pile. I’d like to read 100 books.

Finances ~ Budget, spend better ~ Ledger. I want to be able to meet my financial responsibilities and have a little leftover for fun, while not scrimping on self care.

Faith ~ Bible study, prayer, church ~ War Room ~ I want my habits to be more mindful.

Health ~ Sleep, meals, exercise ~ Consistency and try new recipes. I want to be able to walk up a flight of 14 stairs using alternate feet. Right now, I mostly have to step up using my left because my right has a bad habit of buckling. With slow practice and training, I know I can change this, as long as I don’t hurry things along too quickly, which always sets me back.

Fun ~ Friends and clothes ~ Meals and Holy Clothing ~ I eat breakfast with my sister on Saturdays. I have lunch once a week with octogenarian friends and about three times a month with other friends. However, it’s important for me to acknowledge and celebrate these times.


  1. Good work!!

    • Thanks. 🙂

  2. These are some great tips for all of us. I especially love #25. And you started off with some very thought provoking words, “I want to be better. If you don’t know what it means to be better how will you know when you’ve become it? If I don’t define it for myself, the world will define it for me. Guarantee: The world will get it wrong.”

    • #25 is proving to be tougher than I’d hoped. 🙂

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