Posted by: Judy | June 12, 2019


The analogies and stories about caterpillars changing into butterflies have inspired me, over the years. If you help release them from their cocoon, they will die. The struggle is part of the process, required in order from them to survive.

I’ve seen the stories about how butterflies are decreasing because people kill their food, you know the weeds in the yard. In my bits and pieces of myriad reading, I discovered that the lantana bush is a butterfly bush. Dandelions are also bee starter food. Butterflies like them, too. Starter food as in one of the first flowers to bloom. When doing yard work, I’ve let the lantana grow. I also tell my dad not to mow over the dandelions until they’re done. He isn’t impressed, but he prefers to avoid my nagging. 🙂 I’ve also discovered that milkweed is another butterfly flower.

The other day, I was watering the jacaranda tree. I watched a beautiful butterfly flit through the yard. It stopped on the chaste bush, and I was able to get close enough to study it.

It was a Queen:

I’ve also seen Orange Sulphur:

Cabbage White:

Viceroy or Monarch:

Pearl Crescent:

It’s such a joy to look out our picture windows and see the butterflies. Not so very long ago, I went years without seeing butterflies in the yard. Now, I see them every day. Let the milkweeds, dandelions, and lantana grow. The hummingbirds enjoy them, too.

Funnily enough, I have no pictures of butterflies. I don’t even think of a camera as I enjoy they’re fanciful beauty.


  1. I planted a bee and hummingbird garden, if the shoots survive the bunnies. And you’ve made me think of a movie I saw last night, a documentary–The Biggest Little Farm. If it’s near you, go see it! Will make you fall in love with nature all over again.

    • Nice! Wow. I’ve never heard of it.

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