Posted by: Judy | June 10, 2019

Sleep Update

Since publishing my list of videos, I discovered something I didn’t know about myself. The videos are helpful when my mind refuses to slow down.

I always thought I slept better with background music, rain, or surf. The light from the computer gave me the “nightlight” I thought I needed. However, now I know if I’m peaceful, i.e. my mind isn’t too busy, it’s better if my room is quiet and dark.

Also of note is that those videos do help me calm during the day, though I prefer the 2-3 hour videos. All day is too much.

I failed to mention that I also need a cool room, as in need a blanket cool. A heavy blanket is too much, something light. My sister gave me a butterfly blanket for Christmas that’s perfect. Yes, I still use my other blankets in my collection, as pillows, during the day when I chill while working at my computer, and on the rare occasions when I need a little more to keep warm at night.

The ceiling fan is also on, all night. Otherwise, I’ll become overheated around two in the morning.

Why go into all these details?

Self care is not easy, especially for an abuse survivor. Survivors are taught that they aren’t worthy of care. Unlearning that is a ongoing, daily battle.

I’m doing much better with my sleep. I don’t always sleep well, but I have a whole lot more tricks in my bag to help me.


  1. I’m so glad you’re figuring it out! As I’ve hit middle age, sleep eludes me. I just started taking a natural supplement that is helping–and it’s heaven to wake up well rested again. Wishing you the same.

    • Thanks.

  2. I definitely agree with the being cool and having a cool blanket. I also like having the fan on as well. Thanks for all the great tips!

    • You’re most welcome!

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