Posted by: Judy | June 7, 2019

Good News Friday

* Watched the sweet romance movie “The Bouquet”

*Dug up more than a dozen cat’s claw root balls

*Other bloggers who inspire me


*Favorite authors

*Kneaders’ Country White bread

*Air conditioning, it’s heating up.

*I found my rice bag that I can heat in the microwave; I’ve been looking for it for a long time. If it had teeth, it could have bit me. LOL!

What was something good in your week?


  1. 1.) Rick planted lettuce in our garden and it’s thriving! 2.) It’s a beautiful cool morning. 3.) Long walks in the sunshine. 4.) Icy tea at the café downtown. 5.) Flowers blooming in our backyard. 🙂

    • Yay! Lovely. Woohoo! Nice! Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Best thing in my week was getting out of hospital last Monday and getting home. Next best thing is finding that the low fiber diet I now have to live on is not so bad. Another really nice thing was meeting up with our daughter on Wednesday. So nice to see her. She lives 2 hours away. But on Wednesday she was going to be flying out early Thursday morning to Calgary for work and so we met for dinner near where she was staying. She has so much energy it is infectious. Enjoy your weekend Judy!

    • WOOHOO! Another Woohoo! How lovely, and what a treat! Thank you, and you. Take good care, Anne Leueen.

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