Posted by: Judy | May 28, 2019

Not what I meant…

In 2016, the word I chose for the year was Consistent.

In the month of May, I was very consistent…

I overspent my budget.

I overate and gained a couple of pounds.

I overextended stretching and hurt my knee, again.

I overestimated my ability to do many things.

I overthought some of my rewrites, making it harder than necessary.

I overdid one day and woke with a migraine the next.

As the month wore on, I wasn’t in bed by 10 and my PT reps dwindled, still better than it was when I started but seriously lagging.

Good to know I can be consistent, but I’d really like to do it toward the positive side as opposed to the negative side.

Fortunately, this year’s word is Courage. I need all the courage I can muster to straighten out the messes I’ve created, which was my 2013 word for the year. And also not what I meant by create.

At least I’ve maintained my sense of humor.

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