Posted by: Judy | April 26, 2019

Good News Friday

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Raspberry croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*Coconut macaroon with chocolate on top after lunch.

*Lemon Croissant for Easter lunch

*Men who know how to safely take down the dead Italian Cypress. I was sad to see it go but glad it won’t fall on our house or the neighbor’s.

*Fresh aloe vera does wonderful things to my skin

*A beautiful Easter

*Brunch with a friend at Kneaders’

*Yummy cinnamon bread french toast

*Original “A Promise of Possibilities” was 81K words. With 5 chapters to finish, it’s over 100K. God willing, it’s worth it.

*Good friends

What was something good in your week?


  1. 1.) Rick and I went out for lunch today. Enjoyed a good veggie sandwich. 2.) The weather has been good. I’ve been able to go for a walk everyday for 8 days! 🙂 3.) Been working in the backyard. Everything looks good and Rick’s tulips are coming up! 4.) Enjoyed a great trip to North Dakota! Have a great weekend!

    • Fun and yum. Yay! How lovely! Enjoyed the pictures. 🙂 You, too!

  2. 1) Found a hummingbird nest 2) The rock dove nest I found a few weeks ago now has little chicks in it. 3) did yoga today after not doing it for weeks!

    • Cool! Peep! 😉 Good for you!

  3. Your mention of a lemon croissant made my mouth water. I have had a good week. 1) I have recovered from a stomach upset. 2) there were two days of sunshine and Biasini and I went out for a trail rides in the woods. 3) I found a perfect riders rain jacket that can zip open and wrap round my legs for riding and it keeps the saddle dry as well. We have and are still having a lot of rain so this is a gem for me to find. 4) had delicious fish and chips at the local fish and ship place for dinner tonight. Have a good weekend Judy.

    • 🙂 Yay for good weeks, though sorry to hear about the upset. 😦 Awesome! Nice! Yum! You, too, Anne Leueen!

  4. I’d tell you what’s new in my week, but now I must go get a croissant:). With hot chocolate.

    • 😀

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