Posted by: Judy | April 17, 2019

Easter Weekend…

…the end for which the first was made. Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, started the Savior’s mortal journey, the journey leading to His Atonement.

Palm Sunday is over. Jesus spent his ministry avoiding conflict when he could. On Palm Sunday, He allowed the people to announce His royalty and openly challenged those who called Him a liar. He knows what’s coming. I’m not sure He understood the extent. It’s one thing to do the book learning and studying and have an intellectual knowledge. Experiencing, first hand, is entirely different.

As I reflected on the coming Friday, I wondered about Judas, the one who betrayed Jesus. I wondered if the greater sin was that Judas gave up. He committed suicide. What if he had instead begged for forgiveness and stood stalwart in his faith, to the end?

Peter denied Christ, three times. Jesus told Peter he would. He could have given up. He didn’t. He did the hard work of repentance.

Too many believe that one need only say they’re sorry and all’s good again. Repentance involves a great deal more. First, a person needs to regret what they’ve done, enough to want to change, enough to follow through on the desire.

Repentance means coming clean with God and whoever needs to hear your confession, including the person wronged.

An important note: Sometimes, a person needs to determine if they’re confessing a sin to make themselves feel better or if they’re truly determined to accept responsibility. I’ve been guilty of confessing to someone a mistake that ended up burdening them. I had to learn to recognize the difference between accepting personal responsibility and wanting to unburden myself regardless of what it did to the other person. I hope I’ve learned to choose wisely.

Next, if restitution is possible, it needs to be made. Sometimes, it isn’t. Sometimes, a substitute is acceptable.

Finally, the real kicker, the acid test, the proof of a person’s sincerity: Change. Judas chose to give up. Peter chose to change.

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