Posted by: Judy | April 8, 2019

My vacation, adventure, thing

My trip before this last one, my friends picked me up at the airport, and I announced as I settled in the car, “This is not a vacation. We are going on an adventure, which means we will get lost; things will go wrong; and we’re going to have fun anyway.” It set the tone for the trip.

This last trip, I wanted it to be an adventure, but my attitude wasn’t as upbeat. I was still battling the cold. It was mostly over, but the hacking cough lingered. It wore me out. My positive attitude was taking a beating.

My two previous trips to the Shaker Village, I enjoyed wandering the premises, watching the sun rise, exploring a bit. This time, I slept more than I was awake. I didn’t want all my time “wasted,” so I read during my awake time. I did attend the evening meal and entertainment. I socialized a little Saturday morning and Sunday, after we checked out.

I wondered if I’d made a mistake spending the money, but upon reflection, there were several moments worth the cost of the plane ticket and the hotels and food. I think I spent my money wisely. (Visiting my online friends I’d never met before was worth the price alone.)

The value of the trip:

For me, I discovered it’s an opportunity to reset my eating habits. I didn’t do a great job of it, as I tried to save a bit of money and only ordered dinner. I had muffins and date bars for breakfast and lunch. Next time, I’ll buy breakfast and dinner and arrange for something light of my own, like a bagel, for lunch. Yes, I’m one of the few people who manages to lose weight or maintain while on vacation. I’m not a stress eater; in fact, I eat less. If I’m overeating, I’m stuffing something, boredom, irritation, sadness.

The first night I walked the 1/4-1/2 mile to dinner was tough. I was huffing and puffing and struggling to keep up. The second night I did much better, and the third night it was like I’d never been sick. Hallelujah! Truly. Thank You God. It was an easy way to break back into walking after being sick for most of March.

It was easy to move into better sleep habits. I was glad I took one of my soft blankets along. The comforter they had was too warm. My blanket was just right. šŸ™‚

No television for most of the week helped me break the passive watching habit. I didn’t miss it.

I spent time doing nothing, sitting and breathing and observing. Sometimes, it’s important to just sit.

It was interesting to watch almost everyone on their phones. Mine was off and stored away most of the time. No, I’m not bragging or pulling a “I’m better than they are.” I’m recognizing that if I had a smart phone, I might have been one of those on the phone. I’ll keep my simple text and phone calls only phone.

The few things I purchased were inexpensive and, I think, memorable.

I came home feeling much better.

My dad appreciates having me home.

It’s good to have my own bathroom, even if I do share it with the occasional visitor. Little things. šŸ˜€

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