Posted by: Judy | March 28, 2019

Reading List 26-30

26. The Reluctant Groom (Brides of Seattle Book 1) by Kimberly Rose Johnson sweet contemporary romance. I had trouble putting it down. I’m so glad there’s another book in the series. She took a marriage of convenience troupe and managed to make it work in a contemporary story. It’s charming. I may buy her books in paperback to keep.

27. Simply Smitten (Brides of Seattle Book 2) by Kimberly Rose Johnson sweet contemporary romance. I’m looking forward to the next in the series, due out sometime this year. I’m now following Kimberly on Amazon and social media.

28. The Littlest Marine by Maureen Child contemporary romance. I’m re-reading some old favorites, deciding whether or not to keep them. Maureen Child’s books are some of my earliest military romances. They don’t have the bad language but do have a few steamy scenes, both of which are indicative of the Harlequin line they were printed under rather than the genre. Keeping a little longer.

29. The Oldest Living Married Virgin by Maureen Child contemporary romance. I don’t like the stigma of being a virgin. Remaining pure isn’t a bad thing. Waiting until marriage is honorable and healthy. So why was this in my favorites? I like Maureen descriptions, especially about the sea.

30. Last Virgin in California by Maureen Child contemporary romance. I’m keeping this one because I like the way the heroine dresses. Really. 🙂 I also loved their trip to Sea World. It stirs a lot of my own memories. When I worked for the airlines, I would fly to San Diego for the day, taking the bus from the airport, transferring buses at the train station, and being dropped off at the gates of Sea World where I’d spend the day, make the reverse trip, and be home in time for dinner and taking my dog for a walk.

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