Posted by: Judy | February 27, 2019


I listened to TNQ podcast with Dom Raso. He talked about making the hard choices. (The link is to the podcast page.)

Then I read Jeff Rab’s “Taste an Apple”;

And saw a correlation.

I confess I frequently struggle with making the hard choices. Who wants to take the hard way? How many times was I berated for not making life easier by choosing the more efficient, least amount of work path?

Reading Jeff’s post, I wondered:

What if choosing the hard way, carrying the heavy box, are the honest way of choosing to dive in deep, savor, focus on the moment?

About an hour later, Beholding Him Ministries posted a scripture verse about being all in:

I think God’s trying to tell me something. It’s something I’ve been working on already, but these were good motivational reminders.

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