Posted by: Judy | February 25, 2019

All is right with the world

Last Wednesday, the heater was fixed, after six cold days. The machine is supposed to last about eighteen years, and ours is now twenty-four years old. We’ve been blessed. I baked cookies, brownies, and rolls (a new recipe I decided to not keep) to heat the house a bit with the oven. We had two space heaters. The house is usually kept at 74℉, but has ranged between 66 and 73, depending on where I put the heaters. Not bad but not entirely comfortable. I slept well. I had to keep an eye on things, turning the oven on and off, making sure the pan of hot water on the stove didn’t burn dry. Distracting to say the least.

Our professional called all over to find two antiquated parts, both of which were found out-of-state. One he had to adapt once it arrived. God bless repairmen everywhere who go above and beyond to do their job.

Funny, once the heater was working again, I was able to tackle Chapter 28. I realized I’d lost a paragraph I wanted to keep. It had been shuffled out as I re-wrote everything else. I don’t how I kept missing it. Once it was back in, the rest came. Done.

I’d planned to move the Daughtridge books into the transition room, the place where I’m not quite ready to let go of the books but want them out of my bedroom. I gave myself permission to keep them close and smiled. Still keepers.

My hot pot died. I bought it back around 1992 or 1993, to take on a trip to Yellowstone. I drove, taking my dog as company. We ended up going twice. Good memories. I bought a new one.

CPTSD is brutal. I’m, once again, reminded that routines help me manage many of the side effects. Once again, my routines are back in order, and all is right with the world. Breathe.


  1. Glad your heater is working, it makes all the difference that is for sure!

    • It happened to be the coldest week of the year. 😀

  2. This made me smile: “I gave myself permission to keep them close and smiled. Still keepers.” Good!

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