Posted by: Judy | February 18, 2019


It’s been a while since I’ve had nightmares. When I did, the nightmares would be considered dreams to others. I dreamt about everything I ever wanted but couldn’t have, marriage, family, a home, my dog. I asked my counselor about it, and he assured me they were nightmares, like the starving child who dreams about a feast only to wake up hungry and without hope of eating.

I usually only dream when I’m getting enough sleep, which tells me I’m improving on my sleep. Yay. Except the dreams are nightmares. *pfft*

Recently I woke to my dog being stolen. I couldn’t find her and couldn’t get her back. Mind you, my dog passed away 13 years ago. I still miss her. It’s tough enough waking up dreaming about her and remembering she’s no longer with me, but to wake up dreaming about her being taken away is worse.

The next night, I dreamt about being a silly pirate. I’m not one of those who is enamored with pirates. I know too much about their bloody, brutal history. However, the silliness gave it a whole different spin, a much better way to wake in the morning.

I don’t remember the dream from the following night, but I woke and remembered to thank God for the things I’m grateful for. Better way to wake up and better way to start the day. Yes, I know it’s one of my Gifts to myself, and yet I have trouble remembering when I’m waking up. This is where routines come in handy; they help create consistent habits.


  1. I think dreams can “feel” like nightmares, but it is always in how we choose to look and feel about it. Usually, it is stress about different things in life that causes us these stressful dreams or watching something, reading something intense before we go to bed OR even talking/being friends with someone who has a “dark side” to them.

    For example, my daughter is under a lot of stress lately, she was dreaming about being eaten by a whale. She just moved to Chicago, so I made a joke that she must have thought I was the whale, which could not be, because I was making her a nice breakfast. THAT made her laugh! I told her it was up to HER to not focus on being eaten by the whale as a bad thing… instead, make a list of everything that was stressing her out, then we would tackle the list and SOON she would be dreaming of drinking a sparkly drink on a beach in the Carribean!

    Bad dreams went away.

    Everyone’s situation is different… but I feel we can change it around. 🙂

    • What a great way to help your daughter reframe.

      • Yes, and guess what! No more whale dreams. I told you this, because I think your counselor did you a dis-service, but emphasizes that you had a nightmare. When we are under stress, we have strange dreams. This is because we have “fears” and we KNOW this, so instead of focusing on being eaten by a whale, we have to write down our “to do list,” everything that is causing us angst… because it is those things that we are procrastinating on that become so overwhelming that we become afraid and have strange dreams.

        Years ago, I was under a lot of stress. In a year, I had three dreams about lion. I was always hiding behind something and watching the lion, but I had fear watching the lion, because I KNEW if he saw me watching him he would get MAD and then he might attack me. In each dream I could tell the lion was on the prowl, not for food, but he was not happy, he was angry and looking for “something,” but I didn’t know what.

        While the dreams were a bit odd, when I meditated and thought about it, I realized that “I” was the lion. I was strong and powerful, but at the same time had lost my way, was looking sad and unhappy. Losing a job had caused me sadness, fear, etc.

        YOU had a tough year last year losing your publisher, this causes fear.

        So, your dream about your dog… was it really a nightmare or your subconscious trying to show YOU how you look and how you are feeling?

        If you LOOK at the POSITIVE of your dream, then you will create a TO DO LIST and tackle the FIRST ITEMS that give you the MOST FEAR. Once you do that, the bad dreams will go away.

        Also, I taught my daughter. BEFORE she goes to bed, she must be peaceful and she must say, “I AM NOT having a bad dream tonight. Enough with the stress. Play a game with her mind!! TONIGHT I am going to the beach, I specifically want to go to the Carribean, St. John which is tropical. I’m going to have a good book, lay on the beach, order a margarita with or without alcohol, and just enjoy listening to the waves, seeing the beautiful water. AH, how relaxing.”

        If we FOCUS on WANTING to be happy, which is a HARD JOB, we can turn things around. I wish you GREAT HAPPINESS, FANTASTIC BREAKTHROUGHS this year, and finding that wonderful publisher that makes you realize you lost the old publisher, because you were meant to find a MUCH BETTER one! 🙂

  2. Dreams can be so muddled or sometimes so startlingly clear. The clear ones are sometimes quite disturbing. But my favorites are the ones when I dream I am in our house or in a house I used to live in and I find a new room. Usually is it a big beautiful room. So I am always happy to have found this new room. When I wake up I think that something good is going to be coming into my life a new opportunity perhaps.

    • What a great way to see it.

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