Posted by: Judy | February 15, 2019

Good News Friday

*A friend gave my dad (he shares) a delicious homemade lemon meringue pie

*Walk and P.Croissant with my sister

*Chocolate strawberry croissant and hot chocolate

*Able to do yard work

*Blessed rain

*Sharing laughter with friends (because we share the same sense of humor)

*The power of being able to look inside my self, see what I want to change, and changing it.

*Good memories

*Beautiful flowers from my sister

*A BiL who comes to check a heater not heating after a grueling work day.

*Watched “Old Fashioned” movie for Valentine’s Day ❤

*Week eleven, after the fall, keeping track until I’m back to normal. The inside of my knee is still tender, but I can actually sleep on my side again. Yay!


  1. Great list! It’s so cold outside, but I am thankful for warm, woolly clothes, a heated home, warm blankets and hot drinks. I look forward to spring knowing, no matter how long or how cold the winter, spring will soon be here. Have a great day. You are loved. 🙂

    • Thanks. Yay for warmth in the cold! Spring is coming. Good to have you adding your list again. 🙂 Happy you enjoyed your break. ❤

  2. For once, I can read about treats in your blog and not be envious! I had a strawberry jam cookie today that was awesome. So fist bump on your lemon meringue pie:). Shared is always better.

    • Well done! Mmmm… yummy! 🙂 I believe in splitting calories. 😉

  3. I enjoyed your list. My week has been a good one. A friend from Indiana arrived at the barn and it was so good to see her again and know she will be here in Florida at the barn for the rest of the winter season. My horse, Biasini has been working hard try to do well. Apart from one day of nonstop rain the weather has been pretty much perfect. Had a nice dinner out tonight with my other half and went to a good fish restaurant! Have a good weekend Judy.

    • How fun! Well done, Biasini! Woohoo! Yummy! You, too, Anne Leueen! 🙂

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