Posted by: Judy | January 28, 2019

Adding a Hero to my list

Nic McKinley is the co-founder of Deliver Fund. The foundation hunts down the traffickers. My first thought was that it was a waste to have a foundation that overlapped with O.U.R. After listening to the Team Never Quit podcast, I have a new perspective. (It’s an interview between military guys so, yes, there’s some language. They’re also discussing human trafficking, and some of the stories are horrific. I figure if they can live through it, I can listen to them tell the stories.)

While O.U.R. helps local law enforcement arrest traffickers and rescue slaves, Deliver Fund goes after the traffickers, specifically in the USA. They gather the information and give it to law enforcement and have a 100% conviction rate. The same mission but tackled with their different skill sets.

Tim Ballard of O.U.R. and Nic McKinley of Deliver Fund are men who don’t simply toss a little money out of their vast wealth at a problem. They are all in. I worry about finances. I want to learn to be all in. These men shine a light on the way.

I’ve become an Abolitionist with O.U.R. Someday, I hope to make enough to be able to also support Deliver Fund. God bless them in their heroic efforts.


  1. Thanks for letting us know about this group. The stories from survivors are absolutely heart wrenching.

    • You’re welcome. Blessedly, there are those willing to fight the good fight.

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