Posted by: Judy | January 25, 2019

Good News Friday

*Lunch with friends at Kneaders

*Dave’s Classic BLT on Country White and Boston Cream Cupcake. Yum.

*Walk and P.Croissant, with my sister

*Yummy cherry croissant and hot chocolate with whipped cream

*Sorted through half a shelf of books, kept half and let go of half. Progress.

*Baked cookies

*Yard work ~ Feeling good enough to do it, without knee trouble.

*Coming in under budget grocery shopping

*Buying a cute stuffed purple unicorn instead of donuts for less

*I complained about the Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookie Mix not being in stores this year, so my awesome SiL sent me some, thanks to Amazon. 🙂 ❤

*Re-write progress, finished another chapter

*Week eight, after the fall, walking without my staff, a little soreness, but pretty good overall. I’m able to do yard work and lay on my side again.

What was something good in your week?



  1. Thanks for sharing the goodness of your week. Just a couple from me. We saw On the Basis of Sex last night. Good film and a timely reminder of people like RBG who have fought for women’s rights. Today people my daughters age take them for granted. In my 20s, despite being financially independent, i could not, as a single woman get a credit card without a husband or father to sign on with me! Times change . And today i had a fabulous riding lesson. Really one of those magic rides. Have a good weekend Judy.

    • ❤ Thanks, and you.

  2. I baked cookies today! What with the winter storm and negative wind chill, it seemed the perfect day. Lemon butter cookies. Not bad, not phenom either. You had me at Boston Cream cupcake:).

    • Definitely a good day for baking cookies. Pity they didn’t wow. Yes, Boston Cream is one of my favorites. 🙂

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