Posted by: Judy | December 18, 2018

About Falling

I’m still recovering. Something I failed to mention at the time:

My greatest fear, at the time, was falling. It has been for a long time. I’ve been terrified of doing even more damage to my body. What if I broke something, this time? What if I hurt my back again, only worse? What if there was no one to help me?

The fall was a blessing in disguise.

First, all the physical therapy paid off: No damage to my back, at all. The core muscle training six days a week for years paid off. The core muscles held everything in place. Thanks God.

Second, God sent help, exactly who I needed when I needed them.

Third, yes, my ankle and knee were not improved by the fall, but I know what to do to help myself recover as quickly as possible.

I think it’s kind of cool how God took my greatest fear and “walked” me through it. This doesn’t mean falling is okay. I don’t want to fall again. However, I’m not afraid if I do.

Storm last July

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