Posted by: Judy | December 6, 2018


Welcome to the holidays and the cauldron of emotions.

Anger lets you know a healthy boundary has been crossed. It’s a call to action. I liked Grace for my Heart’s approach. I found this post a helpful one to help me prepare for the holidays.

Possible responses:

Holding onto anger is like allowing the smoke detector to keep screaming and doing nothing but complain about it.

Revenge always ripples. Revenge is a dish best given to God, allowing Him to mete it out as He sees fit.

Or you can acknowledge it and do something constructive:

Forgive myself.

Let it go.

Choose to be happy.

Change myself.

Step away.


Go for a walk.

Make bread; kneading is a great stress reliever.

Sleep. Really, sometimes, I’m just too tired.


Play a computer game.


Listen to music.

It’s important to have a long list of options. The same thing doesn’t work every time. The more options the more freedom to choose.

Anger is as much a part of you as any other part of you. If you beat yourself up because you’re angry, you’re beating yourself up. It doesn’t help. If you give yourself permission to feel what you feel that’s a good start, but it’s only a start. Feelings change. Sometimes one feeling will disguise itself as another feeling. Don’t stay stuck in the feelings. Feelings are for inspiring to action, even if the first action is to escort an unwanted feeling off center stage and inviting another feeling forward.

Be kind to yourself.

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