Posted by: Judy | November 27, 2018

5/50 Exercise

Another good way to deal with the coming stress of wanting to give but feeling short of funds or inadequate is to do something for someone else.

This is something my counselor taught me. He only had me carry out the assignment for the space of time between one visit and another. However, I find it still useful.

At times, when I feel small, insignificant, useless, or simply need to remind myself I am a good person and I do good things, I use the 5/50 exercise.

Do something for someone else:

Rule #1: It can only take 5 minutes or less.

Rule #2: It can’t cost more than 50 cents.

Some ideas:

I gathered garbage at the bus stop while I waited for the bus.

I let the person behind me in line go in front of me.

Smiles and greetings are quick and don’t cost anything.

Make a busy cashier glad you went through their line by letting them know you appreciate them or simply not blaming them when the stupid chip reader refuses to work.

Take the grocery cart back for someone else.

Be kind to you.

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