Posted by: Judy | November 14, 2018

Planning ahead

I’m starting this post on 24 November, 2017. What made Thanksgiving for me?

I love the smell of stuffing baking. Mrs. Cubbison’s Cube Stuffing is soy free, or at least it was. I’ll have to check, this year. I don’t know why, but it sings Thanksgiving for me. I really don’t know why. I never liked stuffing as a child.

I love pie… okay, I love the fruit and the crust. I don’t like the bottom crust. Too often it’s soggy or undercooked. I like the crisp top crust. This year, I want to try making a pie with a top crust only. And no, I don’t like crumbles or cobblers. I like pie crust, thin, crispy, buttery crust.

It’s now November 2018. I started planning Thanksgiving last month. I ordered food from Schwan’s. I’m making plans to order rolls from Kneaders. It’s going to be small, since I’m doing the preparations. I’m not waiting for others to think about including me. Most of the food is bought. For pie, I’m buying tarts from Kneaders.

Are you ready?

The cover shoot, last year, for my book “Giving Thanks.”


  1. I love the idea of ordering all of the food. One year, our family was traveling and we ate at one of those fancy hotel Thanksgiving buffets and it was fabulous. I’ll always remember it!

    • Nice! They cook AND clean up. šŸ˜€

  2. I also watch out for soy. Everything has it. We’re very over soyed in America. Not good for women or men.

    Love the idea of a one crust pie and it’s the top one. Luv it.

    • True. I’ve never read so may labels in my life. LOL!

      My dad and I discovered we like the filling, not so much the crust, so I’ve been eliminating the bottom crust. šŸ™‚

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