Posted by: Judy | November 13, 2018

Number the days

I don’t know why, but this thought has been prevalent of late:

God has numbered my days. I cannot add to nor shorten the number of days I live. I don’t have that kind of power. What does lie within my power is how I spend those days. Will I choose to be happy or choose to be miserable?

A great deal of my life was spent being terrorized. “If you don’t eat healthy, you’ll die young.” “If you’re out on your own, you’ll be raped and murdered.” “If you don’t exercise more, you’ll die.”

How did I forget my mantra when I went to Europe? Only days before I was scheduled to fly to England, the U.S. bombed Libya. Everyone I knew, with plans to go to Europe, canceled. When I boarded the jumbo jet, at JFK, there were about twelve passengers. The flight attendants put us all in one section and asked why we were going. TWA’s flight attendants were on strike, and these were attendants from other airlines. We had fun. One woman and her children were meeting her military husband in Germany. All the others were going home. They came to me, “This is my chance to go to England. If it’s my time to die, it won’t matter where I am. I might as well be doing what I want to do.”

While I was in England, Chernobyl happened. I made plans to go to Paris anyway, with the same philosophy. If it was my time to die, it didn’t matter what I was. I might as well be doing what I wanted to do. That was more than thirty years ago. Not my time to die.

Even with all that, I continued to allow the dyer predictions to terrorize me. If you don’t exercise… If you don’t eat right… If you don’t lose weight…

It’s taken me a long time to recognize that all those predictions were about controlling me. None of it had anything to do with God.

Granted, losing weight, eating right, all those things will help me feel better. However, they will not lengthen or shorten my life on earth. If those things could control the length of a person’s life, then athletes would never die young. They would never die of heart attacks. And yet, they do.

The Lord has numbered my days. He will not take me home one day sooner or later than He planned. Will I choose to take care of the body He gave me? Will I choose to be happy or sad?

I’m learning how to take care of my body. I’m choosing to be happy, even when things are difficult.

Give the battle to God and praise Him in the storm.


  1. Be happy always and enjoy your life, have a wonderful day ahead 💖

    • Thank you, kindly. 🙂

  2. Turn it over to God. That is a source of serenity and happiness to me. Nice post Judy.

    • Good source. 🙂 Thanks.

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