Posted by: Judy | November 12, 2018


I’m sorting through my things. I’m proud of myself for letting go of things I don’t use or need. I’m stressed by letting go of things I might need, just in case. You know the ones: The things you give away and need next week.

I’m determined to lose weight, not to skinny just healthier. Unfortunately, stress has tied my insides in knots. This is not the way to lose weight. It doesn’t last. Starting over with rice. Bah. By the way, the BRAT diet does work, Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. I replaced Toast with jello. A lesson learned in childhood, with one major difference: Instead of keeping me on it for a year, I’m on it for a couple of days and then I start adding in other foods.

Frustrated by how slowly re-writes are happening. I’m MUCH happier with the book, but it’s taking soooo long. I haven’t spent any time on the current Holiday, USA, novella. I wanted it published, this month. Not happening. Maybe next month. LOL!

I’m also sorting through how well some things are working in my life and how well they aren’t. Making plans to make changes.

The holidays are coming.

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